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How to find your ring size at home

How to know Ring Size ? How to know what ring size you are ? This article helps you to know how to find your ring size at home easily and without complicity ?

Find your ring size is a very important step in purchasing offline. Know ring size in the right way, you can prevent any mistakes and waste of time by. Now how do we know ring size?

Various methods to find your ring size

It happened to you that you want to buy a ring online. Well the first question is: What ring size you are ? To find the ring size, there are many sites which have written about it. They offer different ways.

Know ring size by measuring its diameter

If you have already purchased a ring that is exactly the size of your finger, you may not need the ring size guide. You can easily measure the diameter of the inside the ring. Tell the seller what the diameter of your ring is. Of course, based on our experience so far, we do not recommend this method.

Find your ring size by measuring the ring’s interior

Another solution that many sites offer to know ring size and of course we do not recommend it at all is to take your ring and measure the inside with the meter or there are templates available in the sites and you should print them. To get the size, Place the ring on the circles. An error occurs usually in this method. So leave this method!

How to find your ring size ?

So now you ask us how to figure out the ring size ? It is easy! Stay with us.

There are different sizes for rings in the world, you should know that. For example, American, European, French (especially), Japanese. The only way you can safely buy a ring from internet is by following the steps below.

Best way to find your ring size

We always recommend two ways to our customers.

First: Take the time and go to the nearest ring store by very stylish and luxurious manner. Get your finger size without the ring size guide.
Second: Set the ring size according to the tutorial below (see the tutorial video at the end of this post):
Required: One sheet of paper, a pen, scissors and ruler
First step
Cut a strip of paper with a small width by scissors.

find your ring size
find your ring size

Second step
According the picture get the paper strip around your finger.

know Ring Size
know Ring Size

Be careful: the stripe around your finger should not be neither too loose nor too tight!

Third step
Mark the point that the beginning and end of the strip come together as shows in the picture with a pen.

Step Four

Now put the paper flat on the table and put the ruler across it.

measure your ring size
measure your ring size

Step Five
It’s over. Just select the size of the measure around your finger in millimeter in the choosing ring size section on our site.
Our recommendation is do both two ways to avoid any probability of error. Go to the ring store and follow the ring size guide we’ve given you.

Video tutorial : find your ring size

To order personal and own ring in online Razva store

You become familiar with measure the ring size method now. So you can buy the ring online comfortably. All Razva’s rings are re-orderable in our online store. You can also order your own personal ring. For this purpose, We created order a custom ring page.

You can choose the size by the method we described above. Order the desired ring with the desired stone, engraving and even color.

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