Agate Healing Properties | Benefits Of Agate

Agate Healing Properties

Agate healing properties | Agate meaning | Benefits of agate

Benefits of agate in islam and sunna

Agate healing properties in the traditions of the Ahlul-Bayt (a). What the hadith say about agate meaning. In this article, we collected the benefits of agate in the traditions of Ahlul Bayt (a).
One of the precious stones which has been highly recommended for its features and to carry with in the traditions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and Imams of Ahlul-Bayt (PBUT) is Agate stone. The agate healing properties and the benefits of agate are very considerable in the hadith.
Here is a collection of hadiths about agate stone and agate ring:

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

“Get the agate ring. You won’t get sad As long as you have agate rings. “[1]

About agate meaning and agate healing properties he (a) said:

“Get the agate ring. Agate is a blessing, and anyone who has an agate ring his fate will become good hopefully. “[2]

Agate meaning on the protection of danger

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

“A man who was attacked by the bandits, complained to the Prophet (peace be upon him). He said: Why don’t you have an agate ring? It protects you from any danger.”[3]

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

“O Ali! Take the ring in your right hand. Because it is a virtue from God to the servants of His court. Imam Ali (as) asked: What kind of ring should I have? He replied: Red agate. Because it was the first mountain to testify to the Lord’s divinity, to my prophecy, to your caliphate, to the Imamate of your children, to the paradise for your Shiites and to the hell for your enemies. “[4]

Benefits of agate
Benefits of agate

Agate healing properties in the hadith of Imam Ali (a)

Imam Ali (as) said:

“Take on the agate ring. The agate removes the delusion ofdevils. “[5]

The engravings on the rings of Imam Ali (a)

Imam Ali had four rings. Ruby for her virtue, turquoise for her help, Chinese Hematite for her strength and agate for her protection.

It was written on his ruby ring “La ilaha illa Allah Almalek o al-Haq o Al Mobin” (There is no god but God, who is the King and the Truth that makes all things manifest). It was written on his Turquoise ring ” Almalek o al-Haq ” (the King and the Truth). It was written on his hematite “Al-Ezzato lellah Jami’ah” (Glory be to God all).

And It was written on agate “ma Sha Allah La Qovata illa bellah Astaghferullah” (What Allah willed [has occurred], there is no power of God in God, I ask forgiveness of God).[6]

Agate healing properties in the hadith of Imam Hussein (a)

Imam Hussein (a) said:

“When God Almighty created Musa ibn Imran, he spoke to him in Sinai. Then he paid attention to the earth and created agate from his own light. Then he said: “I swear by myself, do not burn the hand of the lovers of Ali who has the agate with fire.”[7]

Rabia quotes:

“In the hands of Ali bin al-Hussein, I saw an agate ring. I asked him about it. He said: “This is a Roman agate. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) has said that whoever has an agate ring his requests from God will be solved. “[8]

Imam Sajjad (a) said:

“Whoever has an agate ring and it was written on it, ‘Muhammad Nabi Allah and Ali Wali Allah,’ God will save him from bad death and die on the monotheistic nature.”[9]

Agate healing properties against enemies

Imam Baqir passed by a man who was flogged by the agents. He said: Where is his agate ring? If he had agate ring, he wouldn’t be flogged. “[10]

Agate meaning
Agate meaning

Agate in the hadith of Imam Sadiq (a)

Imam Sadiq (a) said:

“To carry the agate with on the trip provides security.”[11]

About the benefits of agate he said:

“Whoever has an agate ring will not become poor and his fate will be nothing but good.”[12]


“Among the hands that are raised up to the Lord, there is no hand more favorable to God than the hand which has agate.”[13]

Abdul Rahim quotes:

“The ruler sent the soldiers to arrest one of Bani Hashem. Imam Sadiq said: Give him an agate ring. They gave him the ring and he was not threatened. “

Imam Sadiq said:

“Anyone who wants to raise money, children and livelihood, get an agate ring and write on it, ‘Mashallah La Qovata ella bellaah en Tarani ana aqllo Mmenka malan va Waladan va Nafaran va Astaqferou Rabbakom enna ho Kana Ghaffara.” (What Allah willed [has occurred]; there is no power except in Allah. Although you see me less than you in wealth and children and people, Ask forgiveness of your Lord. Indeed, He is ever a Perpetual Forgiver)[14]

Agate healing properties , agate ring sign of believers

Imam Kazem (a) said:

“Every believer has these five things: a toothbrush, a comb, a Prayer rug, a Misbahaand an agate ring.”[15]

Imam Reza (a) said:

“The agate eliminates poverty and to carry the agate ring eliminates the hypocrisy.”[16]


“Anyone who participate in a Raffle with a hand which has an agate in it, will benefit a lot.”[17]

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