Abou Horeyra | Allama Sharaf ad-Dine | French translation

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  • Abu Horeyra
  • Author: Allama Sharaf ad-Dîne
  • Translator: Arouna Mekoumie
  • Ansariyan publications
  • 296 pages
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Online purchase of the paper version of the book Abou Horeyra written by Allama Abd al-Hussein Sharaf ad-Dine and translated into French by Arouna Mekoumie. Ansariyan publications.

Abou Horeyra is a person who converted to Islam, 21 months before the death of Prophet Muhammad (s). Yet he reported more than 5,000 hadiths. In this book, Allama Sharaf ad-Dine analyzes the authenticity of his hadiths.

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Book name

Abou Horeyra


Allama Sharaf ad-Dine


Arouna Mekoumie

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