Agate aqeeq ring | Yemeni agate ring with engraving for sale

  • Men’s ring
  • Yemeni agate
  • Orange color
  • Natural and original
  • Engraving: Lâ Ilâha Illa Allah al-Malik al-Haqq al-Mubîn
  • 925 silver setting
  • Handmade
  • Free shipping
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Yemeni agate shia ring

Men’s agate aqeeq ring in 925 silver. This ring is made with better quality. The frame is silver and handmade. The gem is from Yemen, natural and original.

In an article, we talked about the hadiths of the Imams (a) on the properties of agate. If you have not yet read this article, please click on the link below:

Properties and virtues of agate in hadiths

Men’s Yemeni agate aqeeq ring

Agate is a blessed stone. In Islam and Shiism, the wearing of agate is a sign of true believers. According to the hadiths, agate is a protection against misery and ailments.

According to scientific analysis, agate controls the organs of the body. It causes a balance in the soul and the body. It wards off anger. And gives self-confidence.

In addition to the properties of agate, the wearing of money in Islam is advised. According to the hadiths, it is recommended to wear a silver ring.

In today’s science, too, the benefits of silver have been confirmed. Silver has been shown to kill 650 known bacteria. Soldiers used to take advantage of money to control bleeding from their wounds during wars.

So, we understand well the reason why, the wearing of money is advised in Islam.

Engraving Lâ Ilâha Illa Allah al-Malik al-Haqq al-Mubîn on yemeni agate aqeeq ring

The engraving on the agate above is: Lâ Ilâha Illa Allah al-Malik al-Haqq al-Mubîn (There is no god but Allah, the King and the Clear Truth). This is one of the engravings known among those who buy agate rings.

This engraving has been used several times in the sayings of the Imams (a).

Order a personalized ring

You can order any men’s agate ring in our online store in a personalized way. You can order any frame from our shop with your favorite stone. You can customize the engraving of your ring and even choose the color of your gem.

Watch the ring customization page by clicking on the link below:

Order a personalized ring


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