Agate ring mens | Silver ring for men with Yemeni agate natural

  • Men’s ring
  • Yemeni agate
  • Orange color
  • Natural and original
  • Engraving: Husayn’s love (a) drove me crazy
  • 925 silver setting
  • Handmade
  • Free delivery
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Yemenite agate

Agate ring mens, Orange Yemeni agate ring for men. This ring is made of 925 silver and handmade. The color of the gem is natural orange. The engraving on the gem: The love of Husayn (a) drove me crazy.

Agate ring mens

Agate is a very old stone. Man has benefited from this in his jewelry for centuries. One of the best agates is that of Yemen. In an article, we have spoken enough of the virtues of this stone according to Islamic sources. For more information on agate properties, click on the link below and read the article:

Properties of agate in hadiths

Many of its virtues are confirmed in lithotherapy. This gemstone decreases anger and anxiety. Balances the organs of the body. Strengthens the brain and reason. Encourages man to perceive hidden things. It also gives self-confidence.

The setting for this ring is silver. The carrying of money is advised in the hadiths. According to scientific research, the agent is an antibacterial metal. In scientific analyzes, silver killed 650 known bacteria.

Agate ring mens: Engraving L’amour de Husayn (a)

According to the Shi’a and Sunni hadeeths, Imam Husayn (a) is the Master of the youth of Paradise. The Prophet (s) says: “Allah loves lovers of Husayn (a)”. Also, he says: “He who loves Husayn (a) loves me”. This ring is embellished with a magnificent engraving. The engraving is: Hubb al-Husayn (a) Ajannani (Husayn’s love (a) drove me crazy).

Order a agate ring mens personalized

If you like the setting of the ring above, not its stone. You can order it with another stone. We sell all stones. So, you just have to choose the frame model and tell us which stone you like. Also, you can order a special engraving on the stone from us. Some gems have different colors. You can even choose the color.

So don’t hesitate to click on the link below and order what you want from us:

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