Anthology of the Keys of Paradise Mafâtîh al-Jinân French | Al-Bostani

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  • French Mafatih al-Jinan
  • Sheikh Abbas Qommi
  • Translated by Bostani
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Anthology of the Keys of Paradise Mafâtîh al-Jinân French | Al-Bostani

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Transliteration table

Book 1:

Various little Du’â ‘and Prayers for living in peace and warding off evil (9)

Request for forgiveness (istigh-far)

Prayer of fear of the oppressor

Conjuring the Evilness of Magic

Recitation (amulet) to abolish the effect of magic

Request for satisfaction of pressing and important needs

Du’â ‘against misfortunes and diseases

Du’â * during a Sinking

Du’â ‘for everyday

Du’â ‘for morning and evening

Weekday Prayers

Saturday Prayer

Sunday Prayer

Monday Prayer

Tuesday Prayer

Wednesday Prayer

Thursday Prayer

Friday Prayer

The Night of the Night Prayer

Duties to the Dead

Prayer dedicated to the two deceased parents

The hungry prayer

Prayer against skepticism, Satan’s temptations and obsessive doubt

Prayer for forgiveness of sins (istigh-fär) The Prayer of Istikhârah in the draw

Other methods of making Istikhârah

Istikhârah or omen by the Koran

Istikhârah by the rosary and the number

The Istikhârah (divine consultation) according to the Prophet

Invocation during circumcision

Prayer of need

Prayer to get out of a difficult situation

Prayer to increase livelihoods (rizq)

Another prayer to increase subsistence (rizq)

Du’â ‘for rizq (means of subsistence)

Du’a ‘to settle debts

Request for help addressed to (the intercession of) Fatimah al-Zahrâ ‘(p)

Du’â ‘against ailments and diseases

Summon Mother to Heal Her Children

Headache and Ear Amulets Summon Against Migraine

Recitation against earache


Du’â ‘to cure cough and chest pain

Du’â ‘for stomach ache

Against tumors

During a difficult delivery

Against dysentery

Against borborygmas of the belly

Against leprosy, hemorrhoid, scabies, abscesses, scabies etc. and other skin diseases

Against genital organ sickness

Against sore knees and legs

Against sore eyes

The benefits of harmal

Remedies and diseases (various)

Evil Eye Amulet

Protection of houses, shops etc. against thieves

‘Awthah against (the bite of) scorpions and snakes

Invocation for awakening

Du’â ‘when falling asleep (sleeping) and waking up

Du’â ‘to recite when leaving the house Protection against fear, anxiety, worries, misfortunes, difficulties etc.

The invocation of the love of Ahl-ul-Bayt (p) for the fulfillment of wishes

Against the fear of the lonely

Concise du´â ’for all the needs of this world and the other and for all situations

Du’â ‘by Abu Tharr al-Ghifârî

The amulet (hirz) of Fâtimah al-Zahrâ ‘(p)

The amulet of Imam al-Jawad (p)

The amulet of Imam Ali al-Naqî (p)

The amulet of Imam al-Hassan al-Askari (p)

The virtues and merits of certain suras and certain Koranic verses

Invocation during ´aqîgah (the sacrifice of an animal for the birth of a child)

See the Prophet (P) or any other in a dream

See a dead man in the dream

Recitation of the Names of Allah

Protection by agate ring

Du’a ‘during the occultation of al-Mahdi (‘ aj)

Against memory lapses

Du’â ‘to complete and guarantee the stability of our Faith

The Invocation of Allah (the thikr) and its merits according to the Prophet (P)

The Merits of Reading the Koran According to Prophet 132 (P), who says

The Night Prayer according to the Prophet (P)

Prepare the Testament according to the Prophet (P)

Âyat al-Kursi Names and Attributes of Allah

Book 2:

Cult acts and Prayers during certain August months:

Moharram, Safar, Rajab, Cha’bân, Ramadhân

Moharram month

Çafar month

Rajab month

The merits of the month of Rajab

The a’mâl (acts of worship) of the month of Rajab

1-The common acts of worship every day of Rajab

2-The acts of worship to be performed on specific days of the month

Precellence of the month of Cha’bân

The Prayer of Imam al-Mahdi (May Allah hasten his reappearance)

The blessed month of Ramadhân

Book 3: The Ziyârah (The Pious Visits)


The Rules of Conduct during the Ziyârah


Different Visits

The visit of the tombs of the Prophet (P) and the Imams of Ahl-ul- Bayts, in Baqî * (Medina)

The pious visits of Imam al-Hussayn (p)

The ziyârahs of Imam Ali (p)

The general and particular ziyârahs of Imam Ali

The ziyârah of the other Imams of Ahl-ul-Bayt

Two important remarks

The ziyârah of the descendants of the Imams of Ahl-ul- Bayts and pious people

The general occasions of ziyârah

The general ziyârah

Ziyârat Wârith Ziyärat al-Imam al-Hussain (p)

Ziyârat al-‘Abbas (p)

Ziyârat Ali al_Akbar (P)

The Ziyârah of the Martyrs of Karbalâ

Ziyârah of Imam al-Redhâ (p)

First Ziyârah of Imam al-Redhâ (p)

Another Ziyârah of Imam al-Redhâ (p)

Ziyârat Çâhib al-Zamân, Imam al-Mahdî (* aj)

Ziyârat Âchourâ

Du’â ‘´ Alqamah

Ziyârat Amîn-ullâh

Friday Ziyârah

Book 4:

The Great Du’â ’

Preface: What is Du’a ‘

The Value and Scope of Du’a ‘

Du’a does not replace effort and action

Du’a Kumayl

Du’â ’Makârim al-Akhlâq

Du’â ‘al-Iftitah

Du’â ‘al-Tawassul

Du’â ‘al-Bahâ ’

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