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  • Baghdad Ulama Seminar
  • Muqâtil b. ‘Atiyyah
  • Translator: Ouatara Gn Benefoli Mamadou
  • Ansariyan publications
  • 101 pages
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Online purchase of the paper version of the book Seminar of Ulama Baghdad written by Muqâtil b. ‘Atîyyah and translated into French by Ouatara Gnénéfoli Mamadou. Ansariyan publications.

This book is about a scientific assembly between Sunni and Shiite ulama near a king in Baghdad. This assembly took place in the 5th century AH.

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Book name

Baghdad Ulama Seminar


Muqâtil b. 'Atiyya


Ouatara Gnénéfoli Mamadou

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