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Beliefs of Shiism and Islam | Al-Bostani | Buy Shiite books online

Beliefs of Shiism and Islam | Al-Bostani | Buy Shiite books online

  • French Shiite books
  • Seller: Razva Online Shia Bookstore
  • Shiism As Is, The Beliefs of Shiism
  • Muhammad Rida Muzaffar
  • Translated by Abbas Ahmad Bostani
  • Cité du savoir
  • Pages 260
  • Free delivery of orders over $ 100

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Beliefs of Shiism | Al-Bostani | Buy Shiite books online

Buy Shiite books online. This book titled Shiism As Is, The Beliefs of Shiism by Muhammad Rida Muzaffar and translated into French by Abbas Ahmad Bostani. This book is printed by La Cité du savoir. See all of the books in Razva’s online Shiite bookstore.


PREFACE: by Dr. Hamid Hafnî Dâwoud


1- Our Belief concerning the need to reflect on and know the Foundations of Religion

2- Our Belief concerning the passive imitation (taqlid) of a Mojtahed in the branches of Religion

3- Our Belief concerning the ejtehâd (deduction of legal statutes)

4- Our Belief regarding the role of the Mojtahid


5- Our Belief in Allah

6- Our Belief in Monotheism (al-Tawhid)

7- Our Belief regarding the Attributes of Allah

8- Our Belief regarding the Justice of Allah

9- Our Belief concerning the subjugation to obligations (the Taklif)

10- Our Belief concerning Predestination and the Divine Decree (Al-Qadhâ ‘wa-l-Qadar)

The Intermediate Way (Amrun Bayn-al-Amrayn)
11- Our Belief regarding the meaning of Bada
12- Our Belief concerning the Statutes (Ahkâm – Commandments) of the Religion



13- Our Belief regarding Prophecy

14- Our Belief in Prophecy as a Grace from Allah (lotf)
15- Our Belief regarding the Miracles of the Prophets
16-Our Belief concerning the Infallibility of the Prophets
17- Our Belief concerning the qualities of the Prophets
18- Our Belief concerning the Prophets and their divine Books
19- Our Belief concerning the Code of Islam
20- Our Belief concerning the Holy Prophet of Islam
21- Our Belief concerning the Noble Quran
22- Our Belief concerning the method of establishing the authenticity of Islam and of previous religions


23- Our Belief in the Imamate

24- Our Belief in the Infallibility of Imams

25- Our Belief concerning the qualities of the Imam and his knowledge

26- Our Belief in Obedience Due to Imams

27- Our Belief in the obligation to love

The Ahl-ul-Bayt
28- Our Belief in Imams
29- Our Belief in the Imamate as a divine Designation
30- Our Belief regarding the number of Imams

31-Our Belief in Imam al-Mahdî

32-Our Belief in the Raj ‘ah (the Return)
The Sunnis and the question of the Raj ‘ah (the Return) 33-Our Belief in Taqiyyah
(Concealment of Protection)

34- Our Belief regarding Supplication (Do’â ’)
35- The Supplications of Imam Zayn al-‘Âbedîn,
Al-Çahifah al-Sajjâdiyyah
36- Our Belief concerning the visit of the Tombs of the Saints
37- Our Belief regarding the meaning of Shi’ism as defined by the Imams
from Ahl-ul-Bayt
38- Our Belief regarding oppression and injustice
39- Our Belief regarding cooperation with the oppressors
40- Our Belief regarding employment in an oppressive State
41-Our Belief regarding the Call to Islamic Unity
42- Our Belief concerning the duties of a Muslim towards another Muslim



43- Our Belief in the Resurrection and in the Day of Return
44- Our Belief in the Bodily Resurrection
Table of Contents

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Beliefs of Shiism


Muhammad Rida Muzaffar


Abbas Ahmad al-Bostani

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