Bilal d’Afrique the Muezzin of the Prophet (s) | Abbas Ahmad al-Bostani

  • French Shiite book
  • Bilal d’Afrique the Muezzin of the Prophet (s)
  • Author Ashtîyâni
  • Translated by Abbas Ahmad al-Bostani
  • Cité du savoir
  • Number of pages 180
  • Free delivery of orders over $ 100

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Bilal d’Afrique the Muezzin of the Prophet (s) (French)

Online purchase of the paper version of the book ” Bilal d’Afrique le Muezzin du Prophète (s)”. A biography of Bilal al-Habashi. This book is translated by Abbas Ahmad al-Bostani and printed by the Cité du savoir.

Book contents:

Foreword: Bilâl guided by fitrah or innate nature


First part



The Environment of this Period

The Position of Women in Meccan Society at the Time

The Light that Shone in the Dark

Bilal, The Overseer of the Temple of Idols

The Perplexity of Bilal

Towards Good Luck

The First Muslim from Ethiopia

The Face of Truth

The Gathering of Opponents

Bilal’s Interrogation

Faith, a Personal Affair

Devilish Dreams

At the Zenith of His Aspirations

Imprisonment and Forced Labor

Serenity under the influence of the Chains

Firmness and Sacrifice

Tribute to Bilal

oh! oh! I burn

“Bilal is Dead!”

More bitter than poison

Abû Bakr Meets the Master of Bilal

Bilâl earns his freedom

Slavery or Freedom

Wild Driving

The Beautiful Show of the City of Medina

A Climate Problem

The Supplication of the Holy Prophet

The Spirit of Brotherhood in Islam

The Great Slogan of Islam

The Excellence of Azan and Muezzin

The Liar is Burnt to Death

Bial Blamed

Bilal in the Battle of Badr

Bilal Gets Revenge

Bilâl professes the incomparable position of the Imam’Ali

The native land

Memories of the Past

In I ‘Awaiting their Fate

Bilâl at the Ka’bah Summit

The Wave of Objections

Still Social Segregation

The Holy Prophet Confined in His Bed

Bilal makes Investigations

Medina presents its Condolences to the Death of the Holy Prophet

The House of Sorrow

Saqifah’s Event (Reunion)

The Constructive Role of Imam ‘All in Safeguarding the Message of Islam

Bilal Goes on Strike

Bilal Exile

The Last Azan

The Moment of Martyrdom

Second part

Other African Companions


Ibrahîm Ibn Mohammad

Asmaha Najâchi – (Emperor of Ethiopia)

Ayman Ibn “Obayd- The Martyr of Hunayn

Mahjah – The most virtuous

Luqman- The Virtuous Slave

Yâsir – The Martyr of Khaybar

Yâsir -A man of prayer

Mâbûr al-Hâhî


Abû Râfi ‘Ibrâhîm Qibty

Osâmah Ibn Zayd Ibn Harithah – The Commander ‘Obaydullah Ibn Abû Râfi’ – The writer

‘Ali Ibn Abi Râfi ‘

The sons of Fidh-dhah

Abû Nayçar – The Companion of The Imam ‘Ali

Naçir Ibn Abi Nayçar

Jaun Ibn Huwi – The servant of Abu Tharr

Hajjaj Ayman ‘Obayd

Mariya Qibtiyyah – The Mother of Believers

Mariya Bint (daughter of) Cham’ûn Qibtiyyah – The servant of the Prophet (P)

Sîrîne -The poet’s wife

Om Ayman- The “mother” of the Holy Prophet

Fidh-dhah – The memorizer of the Holy Quran

Chohra – Fidh-dhah’s granddaughter

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Bilal d'Afrique the Muezzin of the Prophet (s)




Abbas Ahmad al-Bostani

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