Black agate ring Yemeni, with the engraving of the protection

  • Men’s ring
  • Yemeni agate Jaz’
  • Color: Black
  • Silver 925
  • Handmade
  • Engraving: Protection invocation ‘Ayn Ali (a)
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Black agate ring Yemeni

Black agate ring (Jaz’). With the engraving of the invocation of protection ‘Ayn Ali (a). The ring is handmade with a 925 silver setting and a natural stone.

In an article on the properties of agate, we collected all the hadiths on the benefits of this gemstone. So don’t forget to read the article: “The properties of agate in the hadiths“.

Silver Black agate ring | Agate Jaz’ Yemeni

We all know the agate gem. The most famous agate is that which comes from Yemen. Among the Yemeni agates, those which are black and which are close to black, see themselves magnificent on our fingers. This black agate is called agate Jaz ‘.

Because of its dark color, it attracts the view on any kind of frame. Do you choose a thin or large frame? No difference. The agate Jaz’ is beautiful on all models.

Engraving of the invocation of protection on the agate

The protection (Hirz) of Imam Ali (a), known as’ Ayn Ali (a) is a known protection. Silver black agate ring above features this engraving.

The content of this invocation (Hirz) is to confide in Allah and take refuge in Him. This Hirz is not reported in the earliest sources of hadith. But its content is in accordance with the authentic hadiths and the verses of the Koran.

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In our shop, we have thought of several factors. This makes your choice easier. You can choose a frame with your favorite stone. Choose a special engraving or without engraving and choose a different color.

If you like a mount, not its stone, don’t worry. You can easily order it in a personalized way. So do not hesitate to look at this page:

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You can even personalized the black agate silver ring above.


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