Black opal ring price | Silver ring handmade with Ethiopian opals

  • Men’s ring
  • Ethiopian Opal
  • Galaxy black color
  • Natural and original
  • 925 silver frame
  • Handmade
  • Free delivery
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Ethiopian Opal

Black opal handmade ring with a good price. This handmade ring is made of 925 silver of better quality. The gem is black opal with an incredible galaxy color.

Black opal ring price | Virtues and properties

Opal is one of the prettiest gems in jewelry. Among the different colors of this stone, the black one has a magnificent appearance. The appearance of this stone is black. But by putting it in front of a light, you will be surprised! A galaxy color that contains several beautiful colors appears.

This color gives you a sense of liveliness and movement. As if she is alive.

The best opal comes from Australia. The price of some opals exceeds $ 10 million. However, it is found in several countries like Ethiopia. The ancients believed that the opal takes its color from the rainbow.

In Islamic sources this stone is not mentioned. But in lithotherapy, several virtues have been cited for Opal:

  • It brings hope and purification (belief of the ancient Greeks)
  • It strengthens meditation and reflection
  • It attracts love
  • It helps the free flow of energy in the body
  • It keeps reason on the alert
  • Helps to control anger and anxieties
  • It strengthens the heart and the circulation of blood in the body

Birthstone | Stone of october

Opal is the birthstone of October.

Purchase of black opal personalized ring in Razva boutique | Good price

In our shop, you can customize your order. If you have chosen another model, but you want it with an opal, don’t worry. You can order all the frames from our shop with an opal.

You just have to search our site and see which frame you like perfectly. You order it with the stone you like. Take a look at the personalized ring order page, by clicking on the link below:

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