Dur e Najaf Ring | Natural Dur al Najaf silver ring engraved

  • Mens ring
  • Dur e Najaf
  • Natural gemstone
  • Handmade
  • Engraved Yâ Zahrâ ‘Alayki as-Salâm
  • A 925 silver frame
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Dur e Najaf ring, engraved Yâ Zahra 

Handmade Dur e Najaf Ring for men, engraved Yâ Zahrâ ‘Alayki as-Salâm. The silver men’s ring is handmade with a 925 silver and a natural gemstone. A hadith of Imam Sadiq (a) is reported on the virtues of the natural dur al najaf.

Virtues of the stone: To know the properties of Durr Najaf, read the article “Hadiths on the virtues of Durr Najaf

Natural Dur al Najaf stone or Rock Crystal (Quartz)

The Dur e Najaf is very well known among the Shiites. They know the dur Najaf ring for men and women well. This name is not known among non-Shiites. Because it comes from the Wadi as-Salam cemetery in Najaf (Iraq).

Dur e najaf is a kind of Quartz. Colorless quartz, translucent quartz, hyaline quartz and rock crystal are the other names of this stone. But only those who come from Najaf are called Dur e Najaf.

Since the sources of Dur e Najaf ring are not very numerous, most of these stones in the market are not true. They are rather quartz crystals which are not from Najaf.

In truth, there is not a sure method to distinguish the true from the false.

Dur e Najaf ring

The Natural Dur al Najaf above is the result of the art of Iranian artists. The engraving of Yâ Zahra (s) by the artist Mowahhidi. The frame of this ring is made of 925 silver and handmade.

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