Education of the soul Abbas Ahmad al-Bostani | French translation

  • Shiite book (french)
  • Education of the soul
  • Translated by Abbas Ahmad al-Bostani
  • Cité du savoir
  • Pages: 64
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Education of the soul | Abbas Ahmad al-Bostani Purchase online

Online purchase of the paper version of the book: The Education of the Soul, translated to French by Abbas Ahmad al-Bostani. The book is printed by the Cité du savoir.

Book contents: (The language of this book is French)

Part One: Self-interrogation

  • Muchâratah or “commitment before oneself”
  • The murâqabah or “monitoring of the self”
  • The Muhâsabah or “the demand for accounts to oneself
  • Blame and Punishment (The Mu’âtabah and the Mu’âqabah)
  • Al-mujâhadah or the effort for better conduct

Part Two: The Inner Sin

  • Human behavior is exterior and interior
  • The Relation between the outer pipe and the inner pipe
  • The Koran deals with internal sin
  • The choice under duress can result from a free choice
  • The source of inner sin
  • Inner sin is a disease
  • How to deal with people with a sick heart?
  • Some examples of inner sin


Annex: The education of the heart according to the Hadith

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Book name

Education of the soul


'Âsifi et Hâ'irî


Abbas Ahmad al-Bostani

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