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  • Emerald Zambia
  • Natural and original
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  • 925 silver frame
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Emerald Zambia for men and women

Emerald rings in 925 silver with a good price. The gem is natural and original. The frame is made of 925 silver and handmade. Any size is possible. The dimensions of the ring correspond to men and women.

Zambia emerald rings in silver good price

The color green was in all times and among all religions, a holy color. One of the most beautiful gems that is green is the Emerald. Thanks to its special color, the emerald always had a special status among people. Some people considered this stone as holy. Some loved it and others took advantage of it to cure their illnesses.

The Egyptians found the emerald to be a divine gift. According to them the emerald was the symbol of an eternal life. In certain passages of the Torah, we speak of the emerald. That is why it has considerable status among the Jews.

The emerald is a precious stone, even according to Islam. According to a hadith of Imam Sadiq (a), the silver emerald ring brings deliverance and removes difficulties.

Many properties of the emerald are mentioned in lithotherapy. Putting this gem on the heart strengthens it. It brings joy and tranquility. It improves social relationships, perception without judgment and love without possessiveness.

Emerald deposits

Today there are several places where the emerald deposits are found. To have a very good quality silver emerald ring with a good price, you have to know where it comes from. The best known sources of emerald in the world are those of Colombia, Zambia and Brazil. Colombian emeralds are the most expensive.

Order a personalized emerald ring with a good price

If you are one of our customers, you know you can order a personalized ring. In our site, you just need to choose a frame that you like first. In the “order a personalized ring” page, you send us the photo of the model you like. You fill out the form and details. We analyze your order and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Then look at the personalization page, by clicking on the link below:

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