Jade ring for sale | Handmade Indian green jade engraved

  • Men’s ring
  • Indian jade
  • Color: Green
  • Engraving: O who removes the misery from Husain’s face (a)
  • Frame is 925 silver
  • Handmade
  • Shipping is free
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Green jade ring in silver and for men

Jade ring for sale, engraved Ô he who removes the misery from the face of Husayn (a). The ring is handmade with a 925 silver setting and a natural stone.

Virtues of stone: To know the properties of jade, read the article “The properties of jade, the medical and psychological benefits of jade”.

Jade ring for sale

In each country there are stones that we respect a lot. Among the Chinese, jade has a privileged status. They have appreciated this stone for more than nine thousand years and have used it for different purposes. We even buried some rich people with a garment made of jade.

They believed that jade involves blessing, healing and strength. They even use jade to cleanse the skin of poisons.

In comparison with other stones, jade has an average price. But having a very attractive color, it looks beautiful on your finger.

Engraving Yâ Kâshif al-Karb on the jade ring for sale

The green jade ring above has very good quality. Its stone and ring are natural and handmade. His engraving on this ring is

“Yâ Kâshif al-Karb ‘An Wajh al-Husayn”

(Ô he who removes misery from the face of Husayn (a)).

This is a very effective Dhikr against misery, illness and hardship. Many believers regularly repeat this dhikr and see its influence in their lives.

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