Imam al-Hussayn and the day of Achoura | Bostani | Online purchase

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  • Imam Hussayn and the day of ‘Achoura
  • Abbas Ahmad al-Bostani
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Imam al-Hussayn and the Day of Achoura | Bostani | Online purchase

Online purchase of the paper version of the book Imam al-Hussayn and the Day of Achoura. Translated by Abbas Ahmad al-Bostani and edited by La Cité du savoir. You can order this book as well as all Shiite books in our online Shiite bookstore.


Editor’s Introduction

Who is Imam al-Hussayn?

1- His family affiliation

2- His position with the Prophet and his place in the Sunnah

The Roots of Evil

Imam al-Hussayn and the Scrupulous Respect for Commitments and Pacts

Yazid takes the Caliphate

Why did Al-Hussayn rise up?

A situation unworthy of Islamic experience:

In Medina

Farewell, Messenger of God!

Al-Hussayn leaves Medina

In the Sacred and Safe Precinct (Mecca)

Muslim Ibn Aqil in Kufa

Relaxation and reversal of the situation

To Karbala

The Land of Rendezvous

The Night of ‘ÂCHOURÂ’

The Memorable Battle

Widows … Orphans and Corpse Mutilation

Captives to Kafa

Annexes: 141

Al-Hussayn, through brief testimonies of the Prophet (P) and some great figures of the Muslim world

1- Al-Hussayn: a purified, infallible being

2- The Prophet, al-Hussayn and the Day of Resurrection

3- Unmatched Pride

4- The Youth Master of Paradise

5- The Prophet, the first to cry from the Martyrdom of al-Hussayn

6- My God: love al-Hussayn

7- The Prophet and al-Hussayn: Two Beings of the same Essence

8-Supporting al-Hussayn is a duty

9-Al-Hussayn: criterion of fidelity to the Prophet (p)

10- Al-Hussayn’s tears split the heart đu Prophet

11- To love al-Hussayn is to love the Prophet

12- Al-Hussayn and the occupants of Heaven

13- A Universal Symbol

14- Unrivaled Courage

15-An unrivaled Martyr

16- The Obvious Right

17- No one can remain indifferent to the assassination of al-Hussayn

18- A flawless Uprising

19- Mu’âwiyah, father of Yazid: Like father, like son

20-Yazid: Sponsor of the assassination of al-Hussayn

21- Crime and Punishment

II -Imam al-Hussayn by himself

III – Why must we mourn for the mrtyre of al-hussayn And observe the mourning in the month of moharram?

IV – Moharram month

1- the day before the 1st moharram

2- the day of the moharram

3- the 3 moharram

4-the night before the eve of 10 moharram

5-the day of the 10 moharram

6-the 25 moharram

V- Du’â ‘(Ziyârat) Wârith

Bibliography Summary

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Imam al-Hussayn and the day of 'Ashura


Abbas Ahmad al-Bostani

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