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  • French Shiite Book
  • Shia calendar
  • Author: Bandânî Nayshâbûri
  • Translator: Sayed Ali Mousavi
  • 408 pages
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Overview of important dates in the Shia Calendar

Online purchase of the book “Overview of the Important Dates of the Shiite Calendar” written by Bandânî an-Nayshâbûrî and translated into French by Sayed Ali Mousavi.

This book consists of 12 chapters in the name of 12 months of the Hegirian lunar calendar. In each chapter, this book reports what happened in the history of Islam during the days of this month.

During the time of the Prophet (s) and the Imams (A) many important events took place. Every Muslim should know what happened during the first centuries of Islam.

In this book, events are classified by their dates of appearance within the framework of the Hegirian lunar calendar.

The content of this book is based on over 600 Shiite and Sunni sources. Apart from the historical events of the early days of Islam, this book explains a summary of the lives of 14 infallibles. Battles during the time of the Prophet (s), Imams (A) and the Umayyad and Abbasid caliphs contemporary with Imams (A).

By reading this book you will have a summary of the history of Islam and that of the Imams (A) and you will learn the situation of society during the early years of Islam.

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Shiite calendar


Abd al-Hussein an-Nayshâbûrî


Sayed Ali Mousavi

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