Silver ring 925 with Yemeni agate orange engraved Yâ Imam Hasan

  • Men’s ring
  • Yemeni agate
  • Natural gem
  • Orange color
  • Engraving: Yâ Imam Hasan Mujtabâ (a)
  • Handmade frame
  • 925 silver
  • Free delivery
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Orange Yemeni Aqeeq Agate Ring

Men’s ring silver 925 with a natural Yemeni agate. The color of the gem is orange. The frame is handmade. Engraving on stone: Yâ Imam Hasan Mujtabâ (a).

In an article, we reported most of the hadiths on agate properties. So click on the link below to read the article:

Properties of agate in hadiths

Men’s silver ring 925 with agate

The above product is made of the best materials. A better quality silver mount. A very beautiful orange natural stone. As we said in the article on agate, it has several exceptional properties. According to lithotherapy, agate balances our organs.

It decreases anger. Gives us the ability to control it. The agate gives the strength of self-confidence. By having agate, we can better discover hidden things. And several other magnificent virtues.

Engraved orange agate ring , Yâ Imam Hasan Mujtabâ (a)

The above product is made for men with 925 silver. On this agate, it is engraved: Yâ Imam Hasan Mujtabâ (a). Imam Hasan (a) is the second Imam of the Shiites. He is the grandson of the Prophet (s). One of his titles is “Karim” (Generous). He was so generous who offered many times during his life all his goods in the way of Allah.

The engraving of the name of this infallible Imam can bring many blessings. This engraving contains many divine graces.

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