Silver ring | Handmade Yemenite Jaz’ agate ring, engraved Salawât

  • Silver ring
  • Yemenite Jaz’ agate
  • Black stone
  • Handmade
  • Engraved Allâhumma Salli ‘Alâ Muhammad wa Âli Muhammad
  • Silver 925
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Silver ring | Handmade Yemenite Agate Ring

Handmade Yemenite Jaz’ agate ring, engraved Allâhumma Salli ‘Alâ Muhammad wa Âli Muhammad. The ring is handmade with a 925 silver frame and a natural stone.

Virtues of the stone: To know the properties of agate, read the article “The hadiths on the virtues of agate

Pierre Agate Jaz’ Yemenite

Agate Jaz’ is a popular kind of agate. The most famous agate Jaz is that of Yemen. The Jaz agate is found in several colors. Dark red and black are the best known.

Mens agate rings | Mens silver ring

In our article on agate properties, we talked about the virtues of the agate jaz’ silver ring. And we have collected accounts from the Imams, reported by Islamic sources. So for more information, read this article.

Silver ring engraved Salawat

The above Yemeni agate has a special engraving. “Allâhumma Sallî‘ Alâ Muhammad wa Âli Muhammad “, known as Salawât. This little invocation has many blessings. It is one of the best invocations.

In the invocations of Imam Sajjad (a), it has considerable status. So, for a man agate ring which is already advised in Islam. Such an engraving adds more and more virtues.

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