The Irfân or the mystical Gnosis | Abbas Ahmad al-Bostani | French

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  • “The Irfân or the mystical Gnosis”
  • Translator: Abbas Ahmad al-Bostani
  • Cité du savoir
  • Pages: 118
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The Irfân or the mystical Gnosis

The Irfân or the mystical Gnosis translated by Abbas Ahmad al-Bostani in French. By Cité du savoir.

Book contents

Lesson 1
‘Irfân (gnosis) and Sufism
Questions (Lesson 1)

Lesson 2
The theoretical ‘Irfân
‘Irfân and islâm
The Sharî‘ah, the Tarîqah and the Haqîqah
Questions (Lesson 2)

Lesson 3
The materials of the Muslim ‘irfân
Questions (Lesson 3)

Lesson 4
Brief history-1
The ‘urafâ’ of the 2nd Century:
The ‘urafâ’ of the 3rd century:
Questions (Lesson 4)

Lessons 5 & 6
Brief history (2)
The ‘urafâ’s of the 4th century
The ‘urafâ’ of the 5th century:
The ‘urafâ’ of the 6th century:
The ‘urafâ’ of the 7th century:
The ‘urafâ’s of the 8th century
The ‘urafâ’ of the 9th century:
Questions (Lessons 5-6)

Lessons 7, 8, 9
Positions and stations
The Definition of zâhid, ‘âbid,‘ ârif
The purpose of the gnostic
Questions (Lessons 7. 8. 9)

Lesson 10
Technical terms
1: al-waqt (time) الوقت
2 & 3: Al-hâl (state) الحال and al-maqâm (station) المقام
4 & 5: Al-qabdh (contraction) قبض and al-bast (relaxation) بسط

6 & 7: jam ’Ga (gathering, meeting) جمع and farq i (separation) فرق
8 & 9: ghaybah (absence) غیبه and dhuhûr (appearance) ظهور
10 – 13: Thawq (taste) ذوق, chirb (drink) شرب, sukr (drunkenness) سکر, rayy (ľ watering) ری
14-16: Mahw sas (erasure) محو, ​​mahq (annihilation) محق, çahw (awakening) صحو
17: Khawâtir (ideas) خواطر
18-20: Qalb (heart) قلب, rûh) soul) روح, sirr (inner forum) سِر
Questions (appendix)
Index of Arabic technical terms of gnosis

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The Irfân or the mystical Gnosis


Abbas Ahmad al-Bostani

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