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The Mahdi or the end of time | Abbas Ahmad al-Bostani

Online purchase of the paper version of the book Le Mahdi ou la fin du temps written by Shahid Sayed Muhammad Bâqir as-Sadr and translated into French by Abbas Ahmad al-Bostani. The publishing center of the Cité du savoir.



Translator’s Note

Preface by Dr Hamid Hafni Daûd


How to explain the longevity of al-Mahdî?

The Miracle and Long Life

Let the law of old age be ranked among these laws Why do you want to Extend your life so much?

How was the Training of the Expected Guide completed?

How to believe that al-Mahdî really existed? Why hasn’t the Guide reappeared?

Can a single individual Play such a Great Role? What will be the Method of Change on the Promised Day?


Indications from the Koran on Al-Mahdî

1- “It is He who sent His Prophet with Leadership and true Religion

2- “If you saw them when they were seized with fear

3- “He (Jesus) is, in truth, the announcement of the Hour

4- “Yes, We wrote in az-Zabûr

5- “We want to favor those who have been weakened on earth

The Belief of Sunnism in al-Mahdi the Expected The authenticity of the Hadith on al-Mahdi

Hadîth of the Prophet (P) on the identity of Al-Mahdî

1- Al-Mahdî is Kinânite, Quraychite, Hâchimite

2- Al-Mahdî, descendant of ‘Abdul-Muttalib

3- Al-Mahdi descends from the Prophet (P)

4- Al-Mahdî is part of the Ahl-ul-Bayt (the 14 Infallibles)

5- Al-Mahdî is part of the “itrah” offspring (of the Prophet (P))

6- Al-Mahdî, descendant of Fâtimah

7- Al-Mahdî will be a descendant of Imam al- Hussain

8-Al-Mahdî is the son of Imam al-Hassan al-Askarî

Other Hadîths confirm the existence of Al-Mahdî and that he is indeed the XIth Imam of Ahl-ul-Bayt

A- “Whoever dies without having known the Imam of his time, will die in jahilite

B- “The earth is never empty of a Guide who, answering for Allah, maintains His 103 testimonies

Hadîth on the “Twelve Imams (p)” clarify the content of hadîth on the “Twelve Caliphs”

Signs and circumstances of the appearance of Imam al-Mahdî

Another Vision of al-Mahdî

The Question of al-Mahdî dissected by Henri Corbin “This eye of the soul that never slumbers

Chronology: The Twelve Imams of Ahl-ul-Bayt

Summary bibliography

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