The Practical Guide to the Muslim | Ayatollah Sistani | Al-Bostani

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  • Practical guide to Muslim
  • Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Sistani
  • Translator: Al-Bostani
  • City of knowledge
  • Pages: 550
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The Practical Guide to the Muslim | Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Sistani

A book in Shiite jurisprudence for all Shiites. The practical guide to the Muslim of Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Sistani, the great Shiite scholar. This book is translated into French by Abbas Ahmad al-Bostani and is printed by the City of Knowledge.

Titles of the book “The Practical Guide to the Muslim” Shiite Jurisprudence




Imitation (taqlid)

Precaution (ihtiyât)

The different kinds of Precaution


Mutlaq water (pure) and mixed water

Kor water

Water under a kor

Running water


Well water

The impurities

The Purifiers

The Ablutions (Wudhû ’)

Immersion ablutions (wudhû’irtimâcî)

The recommended invocations (do’â ’) (during ablutions)

Conditions for the validity of ablutions

Acts that necessarily require ablutions

What invalidates the ablutions

Jabîrah’s ablutions (bandage)

Mandatory Ritual Baths

The bath of janabah (seminal impurity)

The sequential bath (ghusl tartîbî)

The immersion bath (ghusl irtimâcî)

Menstruation (haydh)

The woman having a regular haydh by the period (the date) and the duration (the number of days)

Woman having a regular haydh by date

The woman having a regular haydh by duration (number of days) only

Mudhtaribah (irregular)

The Body Touch Ritual Bath

The wrapping of the dead

Prayer over the dead

The burial of the dead

Tayammum (Ablutions by means of earth, sand, etc.)


The Twilight and Night Prayer Times

The Prayer of Dawn schedule

The Order of Prayers

The Qiblah

The place where we pray

The Masjid (Mosque)

Adhân and iqâmah

Compulsory Acts of Prayer

The Translation of Prayer

What invalidates the Prayer

Sajdat-sahw (Prostration of error)

The Traveler’s Prayer


Intention to fast

Acts invalidating the Fast

Eat and drink

The sexual act

Onanism (istimnâ “)

Attribute something false to Allah or his Prophet

Let the dust penetrate to the throat

Immerse your head in water

Stay in a state of impurity due to the sexual act (junub), rules or lochia until dawn


The Zakât

The use of Zakât

Those who deserve to benefit from the Zakât


The use of the Zakât-ul-fitr

The Hajj

The transactions

Sale and purchase

Recommended acts in matters of transactions

The compromise The reward (ju’âlah)

La muzâra’ah (Farming to share the land)

The musâqât

Persons not having the right of enjoyment

The mandate or representation (wakâlah)

The loan

The delegation (hawâlah)

The pledge (rahn)

The surety (dhamân)

The kafálah (The guarantee of presentation of the debtor) The deposit (amânah)

The loan-loan of a property (‘âriyah)

The wedding

The formula to pronounce to conclude a marriage

Conditions of marriage

Faults that invalidate marriage

Illegal marriage Watching non-mahram women


Good Manners in Breastfeeding a Child

The divorce

The waiting period in case of divorce (‘iddah)

The waiting period in case of widowhood

Irrevocable divorce

Revocable divorce (raj’î)

The divorce of khul ’or khul’î

The mubârât divorce

Usurpation (Ghaçb)

The found object

Slaughter of Animals

How animals are slaughtered

The conditions for slaughtering an animal

The method of slaughtering the camel

Recommended acts in this regard

Hateful acts

The hunt

The Testament (Waçiyyah)

The legacy

The heirs of the first category

The heirs of the second category

The heirs of the third category

The legacy of the husband or wife

Bank Operations


The statutes of (surgical) transplants

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