The woman in the hadith | Abbas Ahmad al-Bostani | Online purchase

  • Shiite book in French
  • The woman in the hadith
  • Translator: Abbas Ahmad al-Bostani
  • City of knowledge
  • 199 pages
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The woman in the hadith | Abbas Ahmad al-Bostani | Online purchase

Online purchase of the paper version of the book La femme dans le hadith, translated by Abbas Ahmad al-Bostani and printed by the City of Knowledge. This book has collected several hadiths of the Prophet (s) and Imams (a) on Women in several areas.



Preamble: Man and woman from their creation Woman, her nature and her character traits

The woman is not a market value

The best of wives

The unwanted wife

The best place of prayer for a woman

The spiritual merits of women

The woman and the end of time

An act to avoid: divorce

The duties of a woman towards her husband Warning to meditate

The merits of marriage in Islam

Choosing a spouse

At the wedding

The sermon during the engagement (marriage proposal)

Dowry (the gift of marriage)

The time when it is detestable to have intercourse

The time it is recommended to have intercourse

Allah granted man authority over woman to take better care of her, not to oppress her

The merits of girls

Human duties during intercourse

Satisfy the desire of his wife

The husband’s duty to prepare

The good offered by the wife to the husband is a blessing The rules of greeting between women and men The love of women


Advice and recommendations from the Prophet (P) to Imam Ali regarding his relationship with his wife

Part 2:

The status of women and other related matters according to the fatwa

(Legal and religious decrees)

From Ayatullâh al-Sistânî

The rules concerning janabah (ritual impurity of sexual origin)

A – What the junub is prohibited from doing

B- What it is hateful to touch for a junub

The bath of janabah (seminal impurity)


Pseudo-menstruation or metrorrhagia (istihâdhah) The rules relating to istihâdhah

Menstruation (haydh) (حیض)

Provisions relating to the haidh (حائض)

The kinds of haidh

A – The woman having a regular haydh by the period (the date) and the duration (the number of days) is of two kinds

B – The woman having a regular haydh by date is of two kinds

C – The woman having a regular haydh by duration (number of days) only is of two kinds

D – Mudhtaribah (irregular) (مضطربه)

E – Mubtadi ah (beginner) (مبتدأة)

F – Nâciyah (forgetful) (ناسیة)

Nifás (lochies) (نفاس)


The formula to pronounce to conclude a marriage

Conditions of marriage

Faults that invalidate marriage

Illegal marriage

Watch non-mahram women


Good Manners in Breastfeeding a Child


The waiting period in case of divorce (* iddah)

The waiting period in case of widowhood

Irrevocable divorce (ba’in) (بائن)

Revocable divorce (raj ‘î) (رجعی)

The divorce of khul´ or khul´î (خلعی)

The divorce of mubârât (طلاق المبارات)

Woman and Prayer

The woman and the missed prayers (qadhâ ‘) (قضاء)

Woman and prayer signs

The woman and the fast of ramadhân

The woman and the khoms

Woman and Zakat

The majority in girls and boys

Artificial insemination

Birth control statuses

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