What is dhikr? Abbas Ahmad al-Bostani | Online purchase

  • French Shiite Book
  • What is thikr?
  • Sayyed Muhammad Baqir Hakîm
  • Translator: Abbas Ahmad al-Bostani
  • Publications of the City of Knowledge
  • 77 pages
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What is thikr?

Online purchase of the French Shiite book What is the thikr? translated into French by Abbas Ahmad al-Bostani and the Publications de la Cité du savoir.


The thikr in the special sense

1- the “basmalah”

2- the “isti ‘âthah”

3- the “tahll”

4- the “hamd”

5- the “tasbîh”

6-the “takb îr”

7- the “hawlaqah”

8- “al-machî’ah”

9- the “istirjâ”

B- the “istigh-fâr”

C- prayer on muhammad and his offspring

The Effects of Prayer on Muhammad 51 and on His Offspring

The mode of accomplishment of the prayer on the prophet and his offspring

When and in what situations should the çalawat be pronounced?

The thikr and its favorite moments

The merits of the invocation of Allah (the thikr) according to the noble prophet (p)

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Book name

What is dhikr?


Sayed Muhammad Baqir Hakîm


Abbas Ahmad al-Bostani

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