Agate ring price | Yemeni agate rings for men with engraving

  • Men’s ring
  • Yemeni agate
  • Dark orange-Red
  • Natural and original
  • Engraving: Yâ Amir al-Mu’minîn Haydar (a)
  • 925 silver frame
  • Handmade
  • Free delivery
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Yemeni agate ring

Agate ring price | Natural red agate ring. The magnificent engraving: Yâ Amîr al-Mu’minîn Haydar (a). The color of the gem is dark orange close to red. The exceptional setting in 925 silver of better quality. The dimensions of the stone are large and the ring is more suitable for men than women.

In a separate article, we reported most of the hadiths of the Prophet (s) and the Imams (a) on the virtues of agate. Do not hesitate to read this article by clicking on the link below. You will have a lot of information on this subject.

Virtues of agate in the hadiths

Natural red agate ring price

The above ring has better quality. The large stone is suitable for men more than women. Agate is a precious stone. People have used agate in their jewelry for centuries. In Islam, agate is an honored and noble stone. The wearing of agate is a sign of the believers. She can defend us from poverty by the grace of God.

In lithotherapy, many virtues are mentioned for this stone. Agate balances organs and the body. Control anger. Calm our soul. And gives self-confidence.

Engraving Yâ Amîr al-Mu’minîn on the natural red agate ring and his price

The engraving of this ring is magnificent. Two birds on the left and on the right. In the middle, the title “Yâ Amîr al-Mu’minîn Haydar (a)”. Amir al-Mu’minîn means the Prince of believers. This is the title of Imam Ali (a). It was the Prophet (s) who gave him this title. According to the hadiths it is a particular title and it is not allowed to attribute it to someone other than Imam Ali (a).

Order a personalized ring

In the Razva online store you can order a personalized ring. Did you choose a frame, not his stone? No problem. Order his mount with the stone you want. Customize the engraving of the ring and the color of the gem.

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